Barkley Hotel

A dog friendly hotel


Logo & Packaging


Filosofia Unicase




Bradford Praire
Candace Lopez


Barkley is a high end dog-friendly hotel, with locations in Los Angeles and San Diego. The hotel targets a millennial audience who love to travel, but have trouble finding accommodations that will allow them to stay with their dogs. The hotel encourages guests to explore the city while their pets are well taken care of with activities and day care.


The Barkley hotel brand uses a warm and neutral color palette to make it feel approachable and friendly. The logo, which is modified from Filosofia Unicase, helps the hotel strike a playful and conversational tone. The unicase is used throughout the brand, paired with Interstate as a neutral, functional companion. Illustrations featuring a variety of dog breeds are used on branded applications, which include dog and human toiletries, a full stationery suite, and a keycard that comes packaged with a dog tag, letting staff know which room the pet belongs to.



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